Sumit Anand
Sumit Anand



A new solo show

This is Sumit’s first solo show that he hopes to like eventually, but within eternity, and with certain certainty. 

One lazy fternoon in future while sipping a cup of tea, he may find himself saying ‘actually that godzilla nothing stuff in which you had iterally ne Godzilla joke was not that bad’ but then reality will dawn upon him knocking out things like ‘why this stupid tea idiot, there is coffee in the world and your cupboard'.



            PUNE                Classic Rock Coffee Co. - Kalyani Nagar         21 Sept 2018 - 8PM

           HYDERABAD         Bhaskara Auditorium: Birla Science Centre     30 Sept 2018 - 8PM

            CHENNAI             Rasika Rangini Sabha                                  06 Oct 2018 8PM

          KOLKATA             Kala Kunj Auditorium                                   13 Oct 2018 - 8PM





Sumit Anand flew (from another city) into the comedy scene 5 years ago and has looked back many times since, although every time he thought of quitting comedy to fail as a musician, he kept getting booked to perform more shows.

That dedication to never plan has seen Sumit perform his stand-up across India and the world – Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia to name but a few, and now on to the UK. Sumit’s stand up explores his daily life – daydreaming and wondering about his body, growing up in a village in India and thinking it’s a town, and of course polar bears.